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LF: Future Plotting/Basic Tokens for GM doe Idea

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 24, 2017, 11:26 PM

Hey Baconlings! 
Yes, I've had another idea for a Glenmore doe, and would LOVE to bring her about.
I think she'd be totally something different, something that Glenmore itself might not normally expect, and may potentially find slightly appaling. 

It came about when I decided to hold onto my mane mutation token, and wanted to figure out what I could do with it. I didn't want to add it to an exsiting character under 5 years, or add it to one of the many fawns that will be arriving in 768. 
I thought it would look so elegant as a Kirin mane mutation on this silvery colored doe, and thus this idea was born. 

So Themisadventure, WTF have you come up with??

So glad you asked rofl. 

My idea is for her to be a silvery colored doe born from two royal parent's, born a sleek but rather fluffy little thing with large periwinkle colored eyes. She's born a "Lady", but as she turns 5 much to the dismay and horror of her parents who had seeked to marry her to a Lord, she DENOUNCES her title. 

DENOUNCES??! Yes, much like a Lord would denounce his title/rank to become a royal Guard/Guard. She would shed her royal title, give up her lineage and the chance for any sons to be born a Lord, and any Daughters to become a lady, annddddd....

Become a Nun. 

Yes, you heard me correctly. A NUN. I want her to become Glenmore's first Nun[commoner ranked, since she has given up being a Lady/Royal], with all the plots and deciet and deception you could imagine. 
Given that she's still such a pretty soul and would no doubt be lusted after for her unatainablility, there is MUCH plot potential for a Nun to stray.... Should she find true love, or should she become overrought with Rut about and shed her "robes" of nunhood for a night. There is so much POSSIBILITIES. 

She would be nothing like a hoofmaiden, she does not serve a particular house though she can be requested. She would have a place where those can go worship their Gods, try to get holy council, for Princesses to be taught how they must act and represent Ailtee, and the general giving duties of caring for the sick and things like that. She however will not serve anyone BUT Glenmore's gods, and do their "will". 

She would be proper and nunlike for quite some time, till she is at least 10 or older until the plots would really kick in about the nun gone wild kind of thing. 
She would not be able to be claimed for a harem or by anyone unless they would strip her of her virginity and "holyness" bestowed upon her via her calling. 
However that could all change when the shit goes down. 

Now... Here inlies where I'm looking for tokens. 

As stated before I have 3 fawns coming next season, with only one being possibly deathrolled at birth and not even happen. So, this would not seek to become anything until after 768. All of my bacon will be going towards purchasing slots, so there may be a case that with the fawn mentioned [deathroll] does not happen, I WILL have a slot.

However, I would love to create her design, and would be in search of a Basic Bacon token.
If said fawn mentioned [deathroll] does somehow survive then I will be out of slots. 
So I'd love to potentially work with someone who'd be willing to help me out. I don't have any tokens to trade FOR two basics, 
but we could certainly work something out such as art, or certain breedings and whatnot. 


Because this is all a blank slate, and is really depending on when I can/if get what I'd need to make her, THROW ANYTHING OR ANYONE AT ME. 
She's still an open book/open slate, and so is everything else. :3 


When I have it and the design in mind done, I will place them here! 


LF: First EB!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 23, 2017, 12:45 PM

New You guys have been so kind! I'm currently going through everyone's offer as I just got home, and will hopefully be responding to at least a few?
If I don't respond it's not that I haven't ignored you, I will be posting thank you's to everyone who has commented cause ya'll are awesome. I just want to go through and comment first on the one's I ended up deciding so I can start to try and get the hang of everything.

Once I hear back from the few I replied to, depending on slots and payments and things like that, everyone else will be replied to with either huge thanks for offering and being such seriously kind people, or/and possible slot interests for the future! 
I'd love to take things slow, keep things generally easy going for a while till I get the hang of everything so nothing too crazy! 
I'll create in another journal any slots/breedings with payments I have to people
so you as well as I can keep track! 

I just also wanted to disclose that I don't approve of other people commenting on my journal's looking for stuff, they can wait and make their own journal instead of usin mine, and will hide all comment's that don't pertain to ME and my journal of the person asking for things.
I just tend to find it a little bit rude.
So please, if someone comment's asking for stuff please take it to notes, tell them to note you, that kind of stuff. It's not to be rude on my part or be passive agressive, but they are able to make their own journal, not use mine. (: 
Because I'm sure you guys would all be willing to help them out as well! Just... not on my journal haha 


So after watching the group for a really long while, I finally decided to get up off my butt and try for my first EB! 
I think it will definetly give me the chance to better work on my equine anatomy and drawing, since it's really been a while since 
I even cared to try rofl with a horse breed I'm really interested in.

What I am looking for: 

I am not picky about breeds! I am looking more into certain ones, however. I can't see myself being able to afford an Oriental right now so, 
lol I'm not looking for those unless I could actually afford it. 

Green heart bullet/emote  Desert
Green heart bullet/emote  Mountain
Green heart bullet/emote Plains
Yellow heart bullet/emote African
Yellow heart bullet/emote Forest

As for colors, I'm not picky either with colors or patterns, but I'd like to stay away from bay's, 
as they really don't take my fancy. Rarity of the parent's doesn't really matter since I'm just starting out, 
but I wouldn't refuse the chance to get a nice rarity. 

Patterns are in the same boat as well, I'm not picky or looking for anything in particular right now. 

Searching for:

I'm searching for either breeding slots, undesigned/designed foal geno's. 


While I'm open to generally most payments, I'm more inclined towards a few. I can do a combo, say some points and more art stuff, things like that. 

Green heart bullet/emote Artwork | More towards !!headshots!!/fullbody stuff, won't do backgrounds/more than 1 horse because I don't have the time and backgrounds just suck.
    - ie, stuff that I can complete in a reasonable ammount of time.
Green heart bullet/emote Points | I only have a few so... 
Yellow heart bullet/emote Money | I really DONT want to pay with real money, so this would be last option and I wouldnt pay more than 4$, I just don't have free money to throw around. 


So I'm sitting here at the vet's office waiting till it's my turn [ I guess something happened with scheduling?? oh well, Im in no rush!] And.... another fawnling idea came to mind. *sighs* and I don't have the room but I so want to make her a reality!!! Dx A cute little kirin commoner doe of silver fur for Glenmore, it would just be amazing.  I have the design pictured in my head and everything. 
Off to take the giant puppers to the vet! Lots o shots, grooming and neutering talk to be done XD
When you want to bring in a new character for a group but since no design magically comes to your brain, it's an aw-screw it and being in a familiar character. Now... just where to put her.



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Thanks for that :+fav:!
Themisadventure Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your so welcome! He's such an amazing character, absolutely enthralled!
Doot-a-doi-toi-toi Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
Thank you, I'm quite flattered!
lichenfeather Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
Thanks for the favourite lovely!
Arkneos404 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, Themis! I just wanted to drop by and personally welcome you to the group of Anomalous-Chronicles! I can't wait to see how your Ceridwen looks when she's finished. Gorgeous design!
Themisadventure Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there, thank you so much for welcoming me! 
I'm a bit worried about her color, just because I took a guess on how cream and 
classic champagne would mess together, but thank you so much! 
Arkneos404 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem at all!!

It looks like that would result in a classic cream which, from what Google gives me, shows this:……

I'm not a design mod, though, so I can't give you any more information than that. We have allowed certain genes to be stretched slightly to give a desired affect (I mean, this is a FANTASY horse rp, so y'know), but some genes are very strict in how they look.

Good luck!! I'm sure someone will get to your design soon enough.
Warped-Desire Featured By Owner Edited Jan 23, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
You Missy Moo need to add me on Skype or discord so we can chat more *pokes*
Themisadventure Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol I have Skype but I'm hardly on it at all XD
Warped-Desire Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Lol damn xD
Well anyways, we need to talk more x3
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