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LF Tentative Fawnling Designer

Thu Jun 1, 2017, 4:39 PM

I have gone and done it again, and come up with a POTENTIAL character concept I'd like to try to bring to life. 

However, I'm very lacking in the ability to actually design her, and would love some help from the community. 

Basic Concept, Nymph by Themisadventure

This is the concept sketch I came up for the doe called "Nymph". 
You can, or don't have, to use this sketch to color pick, or reference for markings/colors I thought would work. The design MUST be simple, 
and the minimal markings bold to compensate for the general lack of color. 

It's a basic design of Buttermilk Buckskin Dun Roan Restricted Fawn. 

A bit about "Nymph"
Nymph is a Silverthorne Renegade doe living in GM, a prized doe of a hopeful Glenmore Lord. Her Silverthorne lineage is unknown,
as Nymph was taken from her home as a child and brought to GM and thus raised there. Since she cannot see, Nymph has never bothered to use magic at all, 
or even practiced it. What use would that do someon who cant see what they are doing? Otherwise she might unknowingly set the forest on fire. 

She is a quaint, small figured long legged doe who is more than content to sit on said Lord's lap and dote upon him, or be doted upon. 
A favorite pastime is swimming, or lounging by the small pools and simply doing as nymph's do: be pretty and sing idly. 
Nymph really doesnt have any role to play except look pretty, dote upon her lord, and for a blind doe that's a life you could only dream of. 

Aka, she was a "pretty purchase" on a whim and it was well worth it. 

If you're looking for a doe to sit eerily contently in your glade, do much of nothing, and accompany you like a prized sweet
while you walk around Glenmore just to show off, Nymph is the doe for you.
Don't let that commoner rank fool you, she carries herself better than most royal does.

I will only be OFFICIALLY making her if I can get enough plots for her, but I would still like a design MADE in case she happens.

The Design

As I stated, you are totally allowed to colorpick/use colors and markings from the concept image I drew up. 
The only stipulation I have is that I would like most/if not all of the "color" upon her head, so that she may have a really pretty dun marking there.
The rest of her is totally available to be plain jane save for those bold dark simple markings, or have a few touches of color here and there. 

I want to give you free reign, but of course show you something of what I thought would be of nice contrast to her milky blue eyes, 
and the unconventional "nymph" appearence to her. 
It should be soft but bold where needed.

It once again MUST BE BASIC, and I am looking for a Buttermilk buckskin dun roan restricted fawn

Lord Asmundr | Lord Virigl x Lady Bethrys
Name: Lord Asmundr
Nickname(s): The Ladies' Lord, Mundr, Doe boy
Gender: Hart
Year of Birth: Spring, Year 767/768 of the New Age
Intended Herd: Glenmore

Phenotype: Pseudo Cremello Dun Restricted Fawn [Lilac Carrier]
Eye Colour: Duck egg blue/green

Inherited Magic: 
Inherited herbs: 

Played By
Designed By

SireLord Virgil|Stag|Glenmore| Sad Royal
DamLady Bethrys|Doe|Glenmore|Royal

Breeding Proof:
  In the year 767: Lord Virgil's Harem step by step by DatNachtmaehre
When you decide to make your concept art of a baby lord fawn look like a girl....

I'm sorry, Virgil and Betty, but your son is a wannabe lookalike lady figure DX
Pron Galadiel x Undertaker Ziel Pron Fawn?
Name: Princess?? --- TBA [i still dont have one, how sad.]
Gender: Hind
Year of Birth: Spring, Year 767 of the New Age
Intended Herd: Glenmore

Shinning Cremello Max Partially Restricted Fawn [ Silver Carrier] 
Genotype: ee/aa/CrCr/ZZ/fwfw/rzrz
Eye Colour: Blue

Inherited Magic: ??? [will determine baby fate]
Inherited herbs: 

Played By
Designed By
Themisadventure and HaniHunni [spots and countershading]

SireUndertaker Ziel | Stag | Undertaker
DamPrincess Galadiell|Doe|Glenmore|Angry Rage Pillow

Pron Fawn || Colored Lines, MY Reference by Themisadventure &  PRON FAWN SHINEBLAST YOUR EYES OUT by Themisadventure
Colored lines/Colorpick version & Her glowness
Drunken Escapades lead to Children | TWI Breeding

Undertaker Ziel | Stag | Undertaker by StrayRidges-EC Princess Galadiell|Doe|Glenmore|Angry Rage Pillow by DatNachtmaehre
Assumed sire: Lord Jasper 
[He would have been included if I simply did not want to get this darned thing uploaded. 
I may add him later.] 

uno divider by RRRAI 

DatNachtmaehre  & StrayRidges-EC 

Divider by lexypuppy228 

I just wanted to thank Natchi, and Stray, for offering up me their children
to hopefully get a princess. As it stands I think Ziel will make 
a wonderful unknown daddy to the little thing, even if he doesn't realize anything else happened in his drunken stupor. 
No one will know Galad took advantage of the moment for some baby makin. 

Poor Jasper, wherever he is. 

The orignal lines were provided by jouroo but
i didn't feel like or have time to modify the lines to fit these guys so i just didnt use any lines at all and pretty much
went fuck it, this'll do. 

I needed to get the breeding done and sent in so...
I'm not exactly pleased with it. Maybe I'll add lines later as well and shit. IDK.

I may add Jasper later if I feel like it just for the fun of it.
and yes, much original title.

I'm too tired and too much in a sad stupor to really care much about making the title nice.  



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